Happiness is one element that outlines the basic motive of living. So, thinking about the moments of happiness and joy when you complete your work can be very rewarding and can help us focus more on the work. Just a small action every day that keeps us connected to our goals is all that one needs to do. We need to take charge of our lives and stay away from the procrastination that pulls us back into the trap. We often wish people to stay by our sides to encourage us and motivate us but neither of them thinks of the biggest motivation and that element is YOU! Getting motivated by the accomplishments of the small tasks that we carry out in a day is the first step to your dreams. Motivation provides a blueprint to do what we need to do to achieve our goals.

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    Adding the final dimension

    The motivation that comes through external means in the form of videos and quotes cannot last long. It will further increase the momentum and probability with which our body will get accustomed to stress, panic attacks, and the unnecessary guilt that we will have to carry forward with our lives. It creates a new image for you and will take our true intentions away from us. The motivation that does not fit our mind often puts the mind in a state of burnout and will prevent the activation of creative ideas. We start craving for more and more videos and end up getting inspired from none. We attach our goals with financial incentives rather than growing creatively. It results in unwanted competitions and puts the mind into a state of inactiveness due to the increasing ability to pursue our goals only for our selfish motives. It pushes us into a different human state where the result is losing patience and harming ourselves.


    Giving the necessary clarity to one's life is of utmost importance because that is the ultimate motivation that one can draw from life. Be it externally or internally motivated, the element of motivation is there in all of us but if we can define the expectations, we need from our own lives that will be the best way that anyone can ask to achieve their dreams. Understanding ourselves is a process that gets beautified every time we try hard, fail and then put ourselves into further trials and this is exactly how we grow. So working hard in every possible way to achieve the goals can in turn broaden the horizon of our mentality and then motivation will always stay with you and hence take full charge of your life.

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